What is Twitter Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap is responsive, so mobile formatting is accommodated quicker.
  • Bootstrap includes baseline formatting for common HTML elements.
  • Bootstrap can be customized for unique styles and formatting.
  • Bootstrap is open source and can be freely edited.

Why We Love Twitter Bootstrap

By integrating Bootstrap into our designs, we are able to deploy websites quicker and more efficiently, resulting in faster project completion for our clients.

  • Utilizing Bootstrap means fewer repetitive lines of code that need to be rewritten for each website.
  • Bootstrap contains a toolbox of utilities that can quickly be pulled from to accomplish common design tasks.

How we use Twitter Bootstrap to your advantage

Through the effective use of Bootstrap, we decrease the number of custom lines of code needing to be written for your project, resulting in quicker turnaround times and faster project completions.

  • Responsive websites from the start.
  • Projects start from a common code base resulting in fewer lines of custom code for each project.